Green Mountain Beverage

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End-to-end service with the highest level of
Knowledge & expertise


With a new $34 million facility, Green Mountain Beverage offers end-to-end contract production and packaging services, competitive pricing, and industry-leading expertise. Our company is uniquely positioned to meet your needs for quality, scalability, and production capacity for alcoholic and specialty non-alcoholic beverages.

Why Co-Packing with us Makes Sense for You

  • World-class production expertise with end-to-end service
  • Competitive pricing & freight friendly shipping to Northeastern U.S. and Canadian markets
  • Located hours from the ports of Montreal & New York
  • Bonded warehousing with storage and logistics for raw materials and finished goods
  • One day trucking to over 20% of the U.S. population (approximately 70 million people)

End-to-end supply chain services

  • Procurement­—ingredients, raw materials, packaging
  • Bonded warehouse capacity for raw and finished goods storage
  • Freight friendly shipping to Northeastern U.S. and Canadian markets
  • Import/Export through nearby ports of Montreal and New York
  • Logistics services
  • TTB compliance

Product Development

  • Vendor sourcing
  • Costing
  • Process & Packaging specifications
  • Pilot scale production

Cellaring & Cold Block Processing:

  • Liquid receiving by tankers, totes, or drums
  • Fermentation batch sizes of 5,000, 8,000 and 24,000 gallons
  • Bulk storage and barrel aging available
  • Dry and wet ingredient blending for full strength blends and syrups
  • In-line blending for high-speed bottle line
  • Cross-flow filtration
  • Sterile membrane filtration
  • De-oxygenation

Tunnel Pasteurization

  • Automated tunnel pasteurization for bottles and cans
  • Ensures product stability without the use of preservatives
  • Real time PU tracking

High speed bottling

  • Krones 600 bpm line
  • 12-oz heritage and long neck bottles standard, other molds upon request
  • Pry-off or twist-off crowns
  • Cut & stack labels
  • 4, 6, 12, and 24-pack cases

Canning **Sorry, but we have no more capacity in canning

  • PSAngelus 100 cpm line
  • 12/16/19.2 oz standard cans , 12 oz sleek cans
  • 24-pack loose, 12/6/4-pack can carriers or cartons


  • M+F Keg Technik 1 kpm kegger
  • Standard 1/6 bbl, 1/2 bbl, 30L and 50L options
  • Sterile filtration and in-line carbonation available

Currently Producing/Packing for:

  • National Brands


  • Imported Brands


  • Private Label


  • Craft Cider


  • Specialty Non-Alc