Green Mountain Beverage

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Our commitment to


Green Mountain Beverage is committed to providing safe, quality products that meet and exceed customer expectations. We achieve this through rigorous compliance, third party certifications, QC/QA procedures, and validated sanitation programs. From chemistry panels to organoleptic analysis and GMPs to SOPs, we ensure a quality culture at all stages of production.


  • Federal TTB permits for Wine, Cider, FMBs, and Beer
  • Registered manufacturer with the FDA
  • Vermont Department of Health certification


  • SQF Level 2
  • Organic
  • Gluten-Free

Quality Control & Assurance

  • GMPs and SOPs
  • Hourly checks on critical product specifications and parameters
  • Analytical measurements of ABV, Specific Gravity/Brix, Titratable Acidity, pH, Turbidity/Haze, Color, Sulfites, Volatile Acidity
  • Sensory evaluation including: benchmarking, profile matching of blends to approved standard, flaw detection, difference testing, retention sampling for flavor degradation


  • Clean In Place technology
  • ATP swabbing
  • Microbiological Plating for TPC, WLN/WLD, Y&M, Coliform/E. coli